Gourmet Food

Gourmet food means a lot of different things to different people

To us, it means flavour, colour, style and creativity

Gourmet food incorporates nutrition, indulgence, luxury and health

Once you have looked at our celebrity chef page and have an idea of which chef you would like for your holiday; have a look through our gourmet food page below and let us know in the enquiry form which cuisines you would like on your holiday. You can choose from one of the categories below or select a mix of all four, if you prefer more variety of flavours and styles in your food.


We believe in factoring nutritional advice into gourmet food consumption, and all our chefs, guest and in-house, understand how nutrients and other substances in food contribute to body maintenance, growth, reproduction, health and disease. Our in-house nutritionist will be able to give you advice and recipes to help improve your energy and health levels.



With all our gourmet food, we cater for intolerances and allergies without making you feel like an outsider – above all, colour, creativity and taste remain our chefs’ priority regardless.


We like to define gourmet healthy in a number of ways; through cooking technique, colourful presentation, incredible flavours and rare products.